Map of Mineral Point, Iowa

ic events. From this room, the athletes could pass directly into the bath. The various halls of the complex are in a good state of preservation. These include the Frigidarium and Caldarium. One of these rooms, with barrel-vaulted construction, now serves as a museum to display artifacts of the city. Many excellent sculptures of the school of Aphrodisias that have been excavated at the site are on display. The baths are thought to have been constructed during the first century A.D. Temple of Apollo: This temple, situated on the slope across from the theater, has been discovered and excavated in recent years. It was constructed during the third century A.D., and was dedicated to Apollo, the chief diety of Hierapolis. The temple is approached by means of a set of broad steps, and is raised to a height of two and half meters on a supporting podium in the front. The back is resting on a solid rock foundation. The temple measures some twenty meters by fifteen, nearly square. The cella, also unusually shaped is broa

map of mineral point wisconsin wi

Map of Mineral Point, Iowa Photo Gallery

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