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There is no foolproof method of buying a cat, and there are no foolproof travel with cats. The generally accepted theory that a pet shop is the worst place to buy a kitten because pet shops are dirty is pure theory, nothing else. Most pet shops are clean, and the dirtiest pet shop is no dirtier than the dirtiest cattery; it couldn’t be. In general, pet shops, pet shows, and cat shows are equally risky places to buy kittens; any place where a lot of travel with cats are brought together is bound to have a germ or so about.

If you’ve set your heart on a really fancy cat, why not visit a cat show and collect the addresses of those breeders who have the handsomest travel with cats. Then wait two weeks until all the travel with cats that were going to catch anything at the show have caught it, and go look. If the travel with cats didn’t catch anything, that’s the time to buy a kitten.

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