Map of Merredin

Water Corporation of WA – Merredin wastewater scheme summary

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Free Political Simple Map of Merredin

Free Political Simple Map of Merredin


reminders of a past they would have preferred to forget and they often complained that their own attempts to plan joint family activities – days out in the car, holidays, sporting activities – were frustrated by last-minute cancellations and alterations in arrangements. In addition, stepfathers, who saw themselves as giving their wives support in bringing up their children, were inhibited by the shadowy presence of the natural father. If the new family still lived in her old home the botched double-glazing her ex-husband had put in three years ago, the stepson’s inherited skill at sports and the stepdaughter’s expensive bicycle, a present from her father, would all act as powerful reminders of the ex-husband’s continuing presence in their lives.

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