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Many divorced fathers face difficulties in sustaining an active and realistic relationship with their children especially if the children are quite young, because they have had very little to do with their children even before the family split up. As a result, they do not have a strong basis of shared interests and experience on which to build.

Fathers of very young children often find access visits very difficult to organize, especially if it is impossible to take them to his new home. When ideas for trips to the zoo, museums and parks have run out, and the weather turns cold, it is easy to lose heart. It may be better for fathers of very young children to see them when they are with their grandparents for the day or spending time with close friends.

Fathers who are only allowed to see their children for very short periods when they visit their ex-wife’s home may find these occasions so awkward and painful, especially if their wife has remarried, that their visits become more and more infrequent.

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