Map of Mawgan

If the cut is medium deep, clip the hair from around it and wash it thoroughly. Then take your cat to the veterinarian.

If the cut is deep and bleeding profusely, don’t bother with soap and water. Quickly put a big wad of gauze and cotton over the wound, tie it tight enough to slow up the bleeding, and rush the cat to the veterinarian. In case the injury is on a leg or foot, fasten a tourniquet between the cut and the cat’s heart, and hurry to the doctor. You can make a tourniquet out of any cloth, including a dishrag or a tie, that will wrap around the leg and tie in a double knot. Stick a pencil or anything of the sort through the knot, twist it tight, and there’s your tourniquet. If it must be kept on for any length of time, release the pressure every ten minutes or so for a few seconds; then if the cut still bleeds, tighten it again.

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