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Map of Matching Green for The free tourist office brochure Lake Como Trekking (widely available locally, and downloadable at Wmenaggio. Com) describes the route in detail, with variations and shorter loops, and also pinpoints mountain huts and B&Bs along the way. 5200 LAKE COMO THE LAKE NEAR COMO unbeatable location overlooking the lakefront piazza, a stroll from the landing-stage. The interiors are charmingly old-fashioned rooms are small and modest but some on upper floors have balconies though it scores with friendly service and a lovely terrace to sit out and watch the world go by.

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Map Of Matching Green

160 Carate Urio, Laglio and Brienno After pleasant, slow driving on the lakeside road past Cernobbio, through tiny Carate Urio and Laglio, squeezed between cliffs and water, one of the most atmospheric places to stop on this stretch is Brienno, a medieval hamlet bypassed by the main road; the lake washes up against the old houses, with narrow cobbled walkways winding around and between balconied buildings. Lake Como is at its narrowest and deepest near here, at Torriggia just 650m wide, but 410m deep. Caves in the mountainsides on both shores were once home to prehistoric bears. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE CARATE URIO, LAGLIO AND BRIENNO By bus From Como bus C10 (towards Menaggio) and bus C20 (towards Lanzo) both approximately hourly serve Laglio (25min) and Brienno (35min; Wasfautolinee. It). Map of Matching Green 2016.

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