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Map of Maslenica on Baumol, Entrepreneurship, Management, and the Structure of Payoffs (MIT Press, 1993); Alfred Chandler Jr., The Visible Hand (Harvard University Press, 1977). ROBERTO MAZZOLENI, PH.D. HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY equilibrium, partial/general EQUILIBRIUM, ACCORDING TO Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary, is defined as an even balance. In economics, this refers to a balancing between the desire of consumers to pay lower prices and producers to receive higher prices for various quantities of goods and services. In a single market, say the unleaded 87-octane gasoline market, the quantity level at which consumers are willing to pay what producers will accept is an equilibrium quantity level. Map of Maslenica 2016.

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The Wheel of Fortune

THEME Changes in fortune

The Wheel of Fortune shows Fortuna, goddess of chance. She turns the wheel of life, making our fortunes rise and fall, and, although she wears purple, the colour of wisdom, she also wears a blindfold, indicating that fortunes unfold haphaz-ardly. She stands in the wheel with arms outstretched. A man

holds on, anticipating reaching the top as it turns. Another man approaches the bottom of the wheel. At the top sits a crowned man, looking proud and safe; while at the base an unfortunate man who has fallen off altogether crawls in shame. Each man is attributed with a motto. The man who rises says, I will rule'; the man at the top says, I rule'; the man who falls says, I have ruled’ and the man at the base of the wheel says, ‘I am without rule’. This image demonstrates the four phases of life to which we are all subject: times of good fortune and opportunity and times of strife and poverty.

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