Map of Marsa el Hariga

Libyan Seaports (Sea Ports)

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Libya: Rebels set to export first oil shipment – BBC News

Libyan Seaports (Sea Ports)

Being in love means different things to different people. Some people fall in love regularly, treating their propensity to do so with amused detachment; it gives an added spice to life and is a potential source of pain or disappointment but is not necessarily to be taken very seriously. Consider, by contrast, the man or woman who has married the first person they ever really fell in love with. As they look back over the past, seeking to explain their lives, falling in love with their spouse was a critical event which has shaped much of their lives since then; it has been the foundation of their partnership, the first step towards parenthood and a source of their most carefully kept memories. Although the circumstances of their partnership may have changed considerably they may still talk of being in love with their partner, even if it is hard to say what this really means or how it shows itself. When they find themselves falling in love again, they will find it much more difficult to weigh up what it means and how they should respond.

This sense of powerlessness, of being unable to do anything but respond to such strong and rarely experienced feelings is heightened if decisions have to be taken prematurely. Margaret, a teacher in her mid-thirties, with two children, then aged twelve and ten, told me how she fell in love with another teacher, Derek, whom she met at a residential course. She went on seeing him secretly for several months:

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