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Map of Mantyharju for The Varesotto Varese's hinterland, the Varesotto, is chiefly worth driving through to get somewhere more interesting, but it holds a handful of attractions. West of Varese, down on the plain lies the small Lago di Varese prettier from a distance than close to on the northern fringes of the the Parco Naturale Lombardo della Valle del Ticino, which extends to Sesto Calende (see p.155) and which, bizarrely, also includes Milan-Malpensa international airport. North of Varese, the SS233 road to the Swiss border at Ponte Tresa heads through the deep Val Ganna, passing, after 14km, the little Lago di Ghirla, which offers plenty of walking opportunities. Ponte Tresa lies 7km north on Lake Lugano (see p.

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Map Of Mantyharju

178). Northeast of Varese, the SS344 leads into the Val Ceresio and on to Porto Ceresio, on another arm of Lake Lugano (see p.177). On the way, just outside Bisuschio, drop into the Renaissance Villa Cicogna Mozzoni (guided tours April Oct Sun 9. Map of Mantyharju 2016.

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