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Map of manhattan for He severely attacks monks who reject the authority of women as ignorant fools who deceive and delude secular people and therefore can never become bodhisattvas. Dogen remarks that he was struck by the skin, fl esh, bones, marrow story of the succession story of fi rst patriarch Bodhidharma, who interviewed four people, including a nun, before selecting his successor by transmitting his marrow. In a recent book edited by Eido Frances Carney with contributions by American Soto school nuns titled Receiving the Marrow: Teachings on Dogen by Soto Zen Women Priests, eleven modern female practitioners ordained in various lineages show their appreciation for Dogen’s defense of Moshan’s right to claim authority. Nearly eight hundred years aft er Dogen’s groundbreaking approach, the women priests expound on the meaning of diff erent chapters of the Trea sury of the True Dharma Eye, including the one on Moshan, Receiving the Marrow through Veneration. Th e authors each analyze key passages both in terms of their signifi cance for realizing the dharma and in light of how the words from Dogen’s classic text refl ect ideas and imagery of today’s world. All of the contributors were born and trained in the West, with several also having practiced for a time in Japan. Th e role of modern women clergy trained by male Soto Zen teachers interpreting Dogen’s body of work that expressed an egalitarian view in the context of Whither Koans, or Wither? 177 traditional Japa nese society’s repressive approach to gender issues makes an important contribution. Map of manhattan 2016.

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