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Some veterinary hospitals have special rooms where owners can visit critically ill dogs, away from the rest of the patients so that the hospital routine is not interrupted.

There is the occasional dog who will not respond to anyone but his owner, and for such a problem child I recommend home treatment, even if it involves daily or twice-daily trips to the veterinary hospital.

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The program has been used with middle-class and low-income parents, and married and unmarried parents of many different ethnic groups. In post-birth follow-ups with families, couples report fathers are involved with parenting, parents feel satisfied with their relationship, parents get more sleep, and they report less depression. PRACTICAL QUESTION: WHAT CHANGES CAN PARENTS ANTICIPATE FOR THEMSELVES? Parents continually develop new behaviors as they rear their children and as they deal with their frustrations as parents. So, it is not surprising that creating these new responses leads to permanent changes in parents themselves. Galinsky has divided parenthood into six stages in which parents focus their emotional and intellectual energy on the task of that period.

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