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Map of Longvic on An act or practice is unfair if the injury it causes or is likely to cause to consumers is substantial; not outweighed by countervailing benefits to consumers or to competition; and not reasonably avoidable by consumers themselves. The FTC has issued policy statements and guides for specific areas. These include advertising, substantiation in advertising, bait advertising, deceptive pricing, use of the word free, endorsements and testimonials, dietary supplements, eye-care surgery, food advertising, jewelry, furniture, and vocational and distance-education schools. These are in addition to the more general policy statements on deception and unfairness.

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Map Of Longvic

The FTC also issues informational publications for both consumers and businesses with a view to educating people on their rights and obligations under the FTC Act. Consumers and competitors do not have standing to sue under the FTC Act. Only the FTC can bring an action to enforce the statute. Map of Longvic 2016.

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