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Map of the area – Office de Tourisme du Pays Longnycien

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Satellite Map of Mortagne-au-Perche

Their problems include taking the necessary legal steps to end the previous marriage, sorting out the finances and, if there are children, laying the foundations of a continuing parental relationship with them. As well as being a potential source of guilt and recrimination, these issues cast their shadow over everyday domestic routines as the couple settles down and makes a new life together.

They were living in rented accommodation and they began to look for a house to buy. They would only be able to afford the kind of house they really wanted if she put in the capital from the house she owned jointly with her husband. It looked as if getting this money would take a long time and they wondered whether to buy something smaller in the meantime. Each time they were about to commit themselves to a house she found some unforeseen snag at the last moment. During this time their life was very unsettled, she disliked her work and they quarrelled a good deal over trivial domestic matters. She has now returned to her husband. She still says that she loves Martin very much and that their relationship was always much better than her marriage had been. Martin still finds it hard to reconcile the fact that she constantly compared him so favourably with her husband with her decision to leave.

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