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nts and toiletries. Both were accompanied by utensils and eating vessels that were made of precious metals. An extraordinary find was a dagger in the shape of a crescent, made entirely for iron. This metal, very rarely used during this early period, was likely to have been much more valuable than gold. A large assortment of funerary objects was found in the graves including the bronze sun-disks‚ and standards that were likely used at the top of a pole in the funeral procession or on canopy-stakes al the He is the highest god of the Hittite line of deities. His hat is decorated with five god ideograms and horns. The weather god of Hattusas, on the other hand, and the god Sharruma, who are flanking Teshub and Hepat in the relief, are wearing hats with the ideograms missing. These two have horns only in the front of their caps while Teshub has them in both the front and the rear. Hepatu or Hepat is the leading female deity of the Hittites; she is the sun goddess of Arinna. Sharruma is the son of Teshub and Hep

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GENUKI: Llangunnor Parish Map part 74, Carmarthenshire

GENUKI: Llangunnor Parish Map part 74, Carmarthenshire

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