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Map of Lisbon Tourist on In 1981, martial law was lifted and a new constitution went into effect that retained many of the Yushin control mechanisms, but also called for one seven-year term. Chun’s regime was marked by numerous successes, including being designated the host of the 1988 Summer Olympics and having Japan pledge $4 billion in low-interest loans to help finance development. However, it was also marred by several scandals and events, including the North Korean bombing in Burma that killed several members of South Korea’s government, and the shooting-down of a Korean Air Lines jet by the SOVIET UNION. By the mid 1980s, relations with North Korea had improved enough for the border to be opened to allow family visits for the first time since the Korean War. By 1987, dissatisfaction with the government was prevalent. Chun was forced to accept a constitutional reform program that re-established the basic civil rights and institutions that martial law had taken away. The new constitution also reduced the presidential term from seven to five years and called for a direct popular presidential election. Map of Lisbon Tourist 2016.

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