Map of Lindabrunn

Map of Lindabrunn on Morgan Chase Jackson, Andrew Japan Jefferson, Thomas Jevons, W.S. Jiang, Zemin Jobs, Steve Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Lyndon B. Jordan K Kahneman, Daniel Kantorovich, Leonid V. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Joseph P. Kenya Keynes, John Maynard Keynesian Economics Klein, Lawrence R. Map of Lindabrunn 2016.

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Map of Lindabrunn Holiday Map Q.
Negative moods bias what parents recall about children’s past behaviors, shape parents interpretations of current behavior, and cause parents to discipline children more harshly. Hassles do not have to be intense or prolonged. In one study, even a briefly induced negative mood reduced mothers positive comments and verbal interactions with their children during play and laboratory tasks. In another study, being distracted by a simple task involving anagrams resulted in parents being less positive, more irritable, and more critical of and interfering with their preschoolers. The hassles that generally trigger a negative mood stem from the daily challenges of parenting rather than major difficulties with children.

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