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Map of Lima Tourist on Some people believe that WORLD WAR II could have been avoided if the world had listened to Keynes in Versailles. Keynes lost favor with the British government because of his views on war and peace, but he regained prominence with his Treatise of Probability in 1921, which some consider to be his most significant work. Others, however, contend that Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money is more important because of its continued impact. Keynes was particularly determined to counteract the influence of Jean-Baptiste SAY’s (17671832) theory that supply creates its own demand. Keynes’ writings on the economy signaled a shift in the perceptions of economists, academia, government, and the general public. After World War I, Keynes became intrigued with developing ways for governments to function in the new world order; and by the 1930s, Keynes had come to believe that government was obligated to take an active role in the economy in order to maintain stability. The resulting clash between Keynesians and anti-Keynesians continued throughout the 20th century. Map of Lima Tourist 2016.

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