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Map of Libin on Friedman was the fourth and last son of poor immigrant parents living in Brooklyn, New York. Jeno Friedman and his wife Sarah (Landau), eked out a living for their family, eventually moving to Rahway, New Jersey, seeking better opportunity. While Sarah ran a tiny dry goods store, Jeno ventured through a number of menial jobs, but always managing to feed and clothe his family. The warm Friedman family atmosphere, despite tough times, never waned, Friedman remembered. An excellent student throughout his years at Rahway Elementary School, Friedman desired a college degree. His mother agreed that he should better himself and, despite the fact that her husband Jeno had died and that it wouldn’t be easy financially, she saw to it that her boy realized his dream. She, and her two daughters remaining at home, pitched in. Map of Libin 2016.

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