Map of Leverburgh, Harris

Ordnance Survey Map of Leverburgh, a community …

Map of Leverburgh, Harris Photo Gallery

Ordnance Survey Map (3) of Leverburgh, a community …


Sometimes you meet a friend or acquaintance whom you have not seen for a long time:

My, you’re looking well. You look ten years younger. Have you just won the pools?’

No, actually Jack/Jane and I split up six months ago, and since then I’ve had a whole new lease of life.’

Mr Heathcote reorganized his domestic life, selling his house and moving in with his mother so that she could look after the children:

I suddenly woke up one day and I thought to myself, Well, you’re a bloody fool; you’re only young,’ and then I met a girl and then I met another and then for a period of about twelve months I went … I went out … I had six girlfriends at a time, all of ’em wanted to jump into bed with me, which was incredible really when you think about it… er, unbelievable in fact… I was thirty-five, two kids, a dog, er … Who wants me? I thought I was past it, over the hill. Of course I was completely wrong.

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