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who should care for the children find that it is usually taken for granted that the mother should have custody, especially when the children are young. Economic and material considerations reinforce this view, as the father usually earns more.

Fathers are awarded custody of their children in about 10 to 15 per cent of cases. This happens most often when the mother leaves home, so that their father has already looked after the children for some time when the arrangement is crystallized in the formal award of custody. Only a very small number of divorcing parents contest the custody of their children, and in such cases the legal decision most frequently confirms the arrangements existing at the time of the hearing.16 We do not know very much about how most divorcing parents arrive at their decision, but there is a good deal of evidence from solicitors and social workers and others that conflict, disappointment and a sense of failure persist long after the formal divorce and custody proceedings are over, and that divorced partners find it difficult to put the past behind them and cooperate as parents.

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