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Map of Lengfeld on The speed, complexity, short reaction time, participation of hackers and networking interdependence of corporations and increased uncertainty, will very likely create greater instability and a number of panics in the future. Differential consequences. Most of the indices of globalization reflect the great benefits that have accrued to the Western industrial nations and the financial elites in the third world. Until the recession beginning in 2000, per capita income in the United States, Europe, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, and New Zealand had shown substantial in- 346 globalization creases. Although the disproportionate growth was in the top 10 percent of each population, many economists point out that the bottom 70 percent have had stagnant or declining incomes in the last three decades. For neo-liberal economists, the free market unfettered by government regulation has allowed tremendous increases in entrepreneurial creativity and economic growth. As Milton FRIEDMAN noted, advocates of freedom do not count the heads of those who succeed. Map of Lengfeld 2016.

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