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the white splash of crowding bathers over on the south bank by the marquees, boats idling, ducks clamouring for food, and the slopes lolling with deck chairs. In autumn the marquees come down and the pretty brick box of the Bathing House stands lonely behind its colonnade; crowds are expected but do not come, and as winter strips the trees bare, the footsteps hurrying on the asphalt north of the Serpentine take on an iron ring, and the gulls, swarming in for easy food from the Thames estuary, echo screaming; in the afternoon children and dogs still come (‚“Please Prevent Dogs swimming to the Island and Disturbing the Birds‚), but at times the Serpentine can be very desolate. On the first rising of the steps are the four marble groups of Asia, Europe, Africa and America; round the base of the plinth proper proceeds a triumphal frieze of the great artists of the world‚„s history, a theme complemented by groups protruding at the angles and representing Agriculture, Manufactures, Commerce and Engineering. Fr


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