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During hot weather the dog should be taken out only when it is coolest in early morning or late evening.

Some dogs like to wade in water or swim. This is fine exercise, and a good way to cool off. However, if there is a wind or it is a slightly chilly day, dry the dog well after each swim.

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Family and friends provide informal sources of support as well as information, advice, and direct help in the form of shopping, cleaning, and cooking so parents can get some rest. Other, more formal sources of support consist of classes and support groups that we reviewed earlier in this travel. Most couples are referred to classes at hospitals or in the community prior to the arrival of the baby. Even programs given in hospitals at the time of the birth can provide information that increases parents competence in caring for their babies. Such information focuses on babies states and their repertoire of behaviors, the ways they send signals to parents, and how parents learn to understand and respond to the signals.

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