Map of Laval-Saint-Roman

Map of Laval-Saint-Roman for 120 Colonne Via Fincar 37 T0332 220 404, Another four-star hotel, located alongside the Sacro Monte funicular top station, a short walk from the Borducan and freshly updated in 2014. Rooms here are airy and very pleasant, especially those with balconies for the view over Varese, but they don’t quite share the Borducan’s touch of historic class. 140 EATING AND DRINKING Bologna Via Broggi 7 T0332 234 362, A cheerful, family-run restaurant in the city centre with excellent food at moderate prices. Men s from 25 to 35. Closed Sat & every third Sun of month. Map of Laval-Saint-Roman 2016.

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Map of Laval Saint Roman

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Map of Laval Saint Roman

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Map of Laval Saint Roman

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