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Map of las vegas strip hotels for To talk of representation is to talk of how the Orient is signified and given meaning in the Western thought process; how it is placed in the social, moral, and intellectual hierarchies; and who speaks for the Orient, with what authority and for what purpose? Also, who is given or denied a voice in historical texts and, thus, in history itself. Subject positioning or inculcation of desired structures of belief and attitude in cultural in-groups and out- 626 Orientalism and Eurocentrism groups is a strategic part of representation. In the Orientalist discourse, the stipulated subject positioning is, among other things, accomplished through a flexible positional superiority which puts the Westerner in a whole series of possible relationships without losing him the relative upper hand, Said explains. The Westerner is guaranteed in advance the role of the hero, liberator, discoverer, inventor, and savior in every significant narrative. This positional superiority almost always brings about a happy marriage of power and virtue in the Western hands. A tool for a certain kind of representation and a certain kind of subject positioning, poetics refers to a complex existential and experiential process of imbuing time and space with meaningful feelings and may range from designating a house as haunted to a continent as dark and a system as evil. Strategic location is a way of describing the author’s position in the text with regard to the Oriental material he writes about. Map of las vegas strip hotels 2016.

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