Map of Lagodekhi

Map of Lagodekhi for ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE ISOLE DI BRISSAGO By boat Boats run approximately hourly from Locarno (40min) and Ascona (10min), and more regular shuttles run from Porto Ronco (5min), the nearest point on the mainland. Timetables are at ACCOMMODATION AND EATING Isole di Brissago T091 791 4362, Villa Emden, the only house on the island, has a rather nice restaurant, very posh-looking, with white tablecloths and silver service, but unusually affordable, with mains salads, pasta dishes and the like either side of Fr.15. It’s now also possible to stay overnight on the island; ten renovated upperfloor hotel rooms in the villa are simply furnished and as you’d expect blissfully peaceful. Not cheap, mind. Map of Lagodekhi 2016.

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Map of Lagodekhi : Georgia Map

Map of Lagodekhi

Shaded Relief Map of Lagodekhi

Map of Lagodekhi

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