Map of Lady Barron

Map of Lady Barron for L. van Zanden, The Rise and Decline of Holland’s Economy (Manchester University Press, 1993); The Netherlands, CIA World Factbook (2002). LAURA CRUZ WESTERN CAROLINA UNIVERSITY New Deal FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT (FDR), in his presidential nomination acceptance speech to the 1932 Democratic Party Convention, provided the nation with a biting critique of the Republican Party and the way the Herbert HOOVER administration had dealt with the Great DEPRESSION. FDR described programs that he would push to relieve the effects of the greatest economic crisis in American history. In conclusion Roosevelt declared, I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people. The NEW DEAL, Roosevelt’s agenda to deal with Depression, included legislation to assist the average American suffering from high UNEMPLOYMENT and deflation of the economy. Map of Lady Barron 2016.

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