Map of Lacroix-Saint-Ouen

Map of Lacroix-Saint-Ouen for Today, the city hosts an internationally famous school of violin-making, as well as frequent concerts not least those dedicated to the city’s other famous son, composer Claudio Monteverdi. It’s a modest sort of place; a target for violin buffs or as a half-day trip from Brescia or Milan, on a looping route towards the richer pickings of Mantua. Piazza del Comune The centre of Cremona is the splendid Piazza del Comune, a narrow space dominated by monumental architecture. The west side is least dramatic, though its thirteenthcentury buildings the red-brick Loggia dei Militia (formerly headquarters of the soldiery) and the arched Palazzo del Comune are lavish. Torrazzo Piazza del Comune Tues Sun 10am 1pm & 2.30 6pm 5 In the northeast corner of the Piazza del Comune, visible from far and wide, looms the gawky Romanesque Torrazzo, at 112m one of Italy’s tallest medieval towers. Built in the mid-thirteenth century and bearing a fine Renaissance clock dating from 1583, its 502 steps can be climbed for excellent views. Duomo Piazza del Comune Mon Sat 7.30am noon & 3. Map of Lacroix-Saint-Ouen 2016.

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Map of Lacroix Saint Ouen

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Map of Lacroix Saint Ouen

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Map of Lacroix Saint Ouen

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