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Map of Lacar for The fashion coincided with the flowering of Art Nouveau (known in Italy as Liberty), and to this day Varese’s outskirts are filled with superb examples of Liberty architecture, in villas and grand hotels. And the links with Milan went deeper; for Italians, Varese has long been indelibly associated with high fashion, principally shoes. Although the famous Trolli shoe family sold up to Benetton in 1995, and most of the city’s shoe manufacturers have now departed, Varese retains its air of cool, fashion-conscious sophistication. Piazza Monte Grappa Varese’s compact and elegant historic centre comprises a tight cluster of pedestrianized streets spreading north from the main Piazza Monte Grappa, a spread of angular Fascist architecture dating from 1927. The stone-paved Corso Matteotti leads out of the square, with chic boutiques and caf s crowding beneath its arcades; well worth a stroll. San Vittore Piazza Canonica To one side of Corso Matteotti rises San Vittore, built in the late sixteenth century and adorned with a Neoclassical facade; its domed campanile is a seventeenth-century addition, and still bears the scars of the 1859 battle for the town, when Garibaldi faced VARESE LAKE MAGGIORE down the Austrian army. Inside the church, the first chapel on the left holds a painting of a topless Mary Magdalene by Il Morazzone, painted in 1627 but long hidden from view on the grounds of decency. On the south side of the church, the twelfth-century baptistry (unlocked on request) unusually quadrangular, not octagonal, and with a matroneum above the presbytery holds a seventh-century font, recessed into the floor beneath a monolithic (and unfinished) tenth-century replacement. Map of Lacar 2016.

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