Map Of La Foret-Du-Temple

Map of La Foret-du-Temple for 207 6 Iseo Stroll along the ancient Via Valeriana above Lake Iseo. See p.253 7 Tremosine Venture on horseback into Alpine meadows high above Lake Garda. See p.300 8 Monte Baldo An epic cable-car ride for walks and bike trails. See p.310 FOODIE HIGHLIGHTS You'd be unlikely to plot a Lakes itinerary around specific restaurants part of the joy is discovering some unsung family-run trattoria in the hills, after all but here are a few favourites, mixed in with choice delis and foodie treats.

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Map Of La Foret-Du-Temple

1 Pasticceria Grandazzi, Domodossola Exquisite handmade chocolate creations The Italian Lakes aren't only about touring: many people choose one or other of the lakes and then base themselves there to explore locally. But if you fancy mixing things up and if you have your own transport: train and bus links from lake to lake aren't great there's nothing to stop you taking in the whole region at a single bite. Map of La Foret-du-Temple 2016.

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LA FORET-DU-TEMPLEMap of La Forªt-du-Temple 23360 France

LA FORET-DU-TEMPLE – Map of La Forªt-du-Temple 23360 France

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