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Los angeles 1955

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Size: 1200 x 664 171 kB

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Map of Los Angeles, CA, Modified from Google Maps

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map of Los Angeles Metro

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Neighborhoods of the City of Los Angeles ‚ Population & Race , 2000

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For a map of the greater LA area, please view our larger LA Map .

Damon outlines a way of organizing concerned adults to identify children’s specific needs and work together to find ways to meet them. Standards and expectations are drawn up for children and for the community so that parents and concerned citizens and youth can control teen drinking, vandalism, and early pregnancy and build a community more supportive of children and families. Damon writes, Beneath the sense of isolation that has divided our communities, we all share a deep well of concern for the younger generation. If we can find a way to tap into that well, child rearing can become the secure and fulfilling joy that it should be. Main Points MAIN POINTS In early adolescence, sexual development begins and takes years to complete is triggered by biological, social, and psychological factors, and, in turn, triggers psychological reactions in young people is related to increases in emotional intensity and changing sleep patterns In early adolescence, brain development involves an overproduction of synapses that allow activities to shape brain functioning proceeds slowly and is not complete until the midtwenties increases the capacities for attention, planning, and problem solving; as it is slower, there is a mismatch between teens emotional intensity and decision-making skills.

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