Map of Ky Ha Quang Nam Terminal


Quang Nam, a Central province, Vietnam

Map of Ky Ha Quang Nam Terminal Photo Gallery

Indochina Cycling

stability of their marriage which eventually cause an unbridgeable rift between them.

Some years afterwards, Mr Heathcote was able to talk with detachment about what went wrong with his marriage. He took on an extra part-time job selling insurance after his second child was born:

I suppose that was the beginning of the end, as far as my marriage was concerned, because I spent so much time on it… I started at that point in time to get my priorities in the wrong order … a part-time job took priority over my wife and kids, not intentionally. I were doing it for their benefit, she wanted to be able to spend money, I’d got to go out and earn it and you can’t do that by sitting on your backside.

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