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Map of Kudamatsu for ch The centre of Lugano is the broad Piazza della Riforma, a huge caf -lined square perfect for people-watching over a coffee. The lake lies a few metres away behind the Neoclassical Palazzo Civico, while the steep lanes of the Old Town rise on the opposite side of the square. Wandering through the dense maze of shopping alleys northwest of Riforma, you’re bound to stumble on the photogenic Gabbani delicatessen, a fixture here since 1937, with two shops flanking Via Pessina both interiors are crammed with fine salsicce made especially for the shop, cabinets full of Alpine cheeses from the farmers of Alto Ticino, fresh bread, pastries and foodie delights galore. Cattedrale San Lorenzo Via San Lorenzo Irregular hours at time of writing, due to renovation work From bustling Piazza Cioccaro just past the Gabbani deli, the stepped Via Cattedrale doglegs steeply up, alongside the funicular line, to reach Cattedrale San Lorenzo, characterized by an impressive Renaissance portal, fragments of fourteenth- to sixteenth-century interior frescoes, and spectacular views from its terrace. Santa Maria degli Angioli Piazza Luini The narrow Via Nassa one of Switzerland’s top addresses for chic, designer-label fashion heads southwest from Piazza Riforma through a string of picturesque little squares to the medieval church of Santa Maria degli Angioli on Piazza Luini. This plain little building beside a disused funicular track was founded in 1490 as part of a Franciscan monastery (suppressed in 1848 during Switzerland’s civil war). Inside, the wall separating the nave from the chancel is covered by a monumental Leonardo-esque fresco of the Passion and Crucifixion painted in 1529 by Bernadino Luini, one of the finest Renaissance artworks in the region. It includes a magnificent St Sebastian, graphically pierced by arrows. Map of Kudamatsu 2016.

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