Map of Kretingsodis

Physical Map of Kretingos, satellite outside

Map of Kretingsodis Photo Gallery

Guide: Kretingsodis in Lithuania (Lithuania (general)) Tripmondo

Guide: Kretingsodis in Lithuania (Lithuania (general)) Tripmondo

I said to him, how about having a good shave’ now he’s eighteen, and he said, Mum, I don’t like shaving properly, I’m frightened in case I cut myself,’ and I thought, well that’s rather silly, he should have gone into shaving naturally by watching his father.

They may also be concerned that their children do not get enough opportunities to learn how to get on with adults of the opposite gender. They fear that boys brought up in a strongly masculine’ household will not be able to make good relationships with women in adult life or that girls who do not have a consistent father-figure will be unable to sustain relationships with men. There is very little research evidence which sheds any real light on such worries. It is probably more helpful to concentrate on ways of making sure that both you and your children get plenty of adult company; such fears are one good reason amongst many for making every effort to ensure that children do not lose contact with their other parent.

Sometimes change and upheaval force parents to question many of their beliefs about the necessary ingredients of a normal happy life. As they find themselves having to rely on neighbours, friends and, perhaps, more distant relatives, they become increasingly aware of the existence of networks of sharing, love, support and mutual help which cross the boundaries of family and household. As a result their children’s lives are enriched by contacts with a variety of adults, some of whom will undoubtedly have a lasting and positive influence on their lives.

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