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Cysts which grow on the ovaries of bitches cause frequent and prolonged heat periods. In some cases hormones, by injection, can be used successfully, but in severe cases surgical removal of the ovaries is the only relief. If the cysts appear on only one ovary, that ovary can be removed and the bitch can still be used for breeding.


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More study is needed on the effects of KC during the first postnatal weeks and its effects on mother-infant interactions and babies focusing skills. Parents of premature babies use the same strategies as parents of full-term babies to ease the transition to parenthood. Support from friends or from those dealing with similar situations, clear communication between parents and between parents and professional workers are especially essential. Parenting Programs That Ease the Transition to Parenthood As early as the s, research documented declines in couples relationships following the birth of a child and the decline continues to be noted in research down to the present time. Childbirth classes that include both mothers and fathers have become a routine part of preparing for the birth, but these classes primarily prepare couples for labor and delivery.

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