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Map of Kossen on Opponents, however, questioned what the agreement would mean for workers, small businesses, and the environment. They viewed NAFTA as a way for corporations to outsource production to nations without strict labor laws or environmental protection. The fierce debates over the ratification of NAFTA, however, pale in comparison with the storms of protest waged against the WTO. In 1999, when the organization attempted to launch a round of talks in Seattle, Washington, waves of protestors took to the streets calling for fair free trade between rich and poor nations. Critics of the WTO considered the organization a tool of wealthy Western nations to keep Third World nations dependent upon their goods. Suddenly, the WTO became the focal point for many activist groups, from labor unions to militant environmental groups. WTO negotiations in Doha, Qatar, two years later were more successful, but the gap between the rich and poor members still perplexes the organization. Map of Kossen 2016.

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