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Map of Konigsberg on COLGATE UNIVERSITY Hodgskin, Thomas (17871869) THOMAS HODGSKIN’S CONTRIBUTIONS to political economy and his influence on socialist and anarchist thought were the subject of renewed interest in the 1990s, not least because they resist a neat classification into any specific school of thought. An associate of Jeremy BENTHAM and James Mill, he influenced an entire generation of progressive and radical thinkers, most notably Karl MARX. Throughout his life, Hodgskin had been an important advocate for educational reform and especially for the diffusion of practical science among the working class. He edited (with J.C. Robertson) the Mechanics Magazine, which was instrumental in launching numerous Mechanics Institutes (first founded in Glasgow in 1806 and London in 1810) in which an inexpensive, modern education could be obtained. Mechanics Institutes quickly opened in several Scottish cities, and by the 1820s, there were many institutes throughout Britain. Map of Konigsberg 2016.

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