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Map of Koceni on This globalization had its idealist spokespersons, as well as its policy planners of brutal and forced colonization, interventions, and gunboats. In many cases it was hard to distinguish between the idealists and colonizers. WORLD WAR I interrupted the progress of free trade. International organizations surrounding the League of Nations proved as ineffectual in dealing with threats to national security as with economic integration and stabilization issues. As the world DEPRESSION spread globally in 1929, beggar thy neighbor protectionist policies typified national economies in the 1930s. WORLD WAR II brought a completely globalized military world, eventually leading to two alliance systems and the ability of United States forces to project its power anywhere on the globe, rationalized by containment of the communist threat. The close of the war brought a new paradigm for globalization and international organizations. Map of Koceni 2016.

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