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Map of Kinshasa Tourist on The result was that funds began to flow once more into thrift institutions, and they were able to resume making loans for new home construction. The HOLC operation was a classic example of the well-managed use of the financial power of central government. HOLC raised billions for the refinancing operation by selling low-interest bonds. It then offered to pay off the short-term, high-interest mortgages of distressed homeowners and replace them with one longterm, amortized loan at 3 percent interest. The program was an immediate success. By September 1934, HOLC had refinanced 492,700 mortgages, totaling $1.48 billion. Map of Kinshasa Tourist 2016.

As you read this i will be on a tiny island in the southern Mediterranean, dipping my toes into the sea and catching up with family and friends. While the world focuses its attention on the Olympic Games in Athens, we will be largely cut off from international events – no TV, fax or mobiles. This is very much like a trip I once took to Rhodes, before the island’s popularity made Faliraki a byword for holiday excesses. But as Lee Marshall points out on page 106, it is still possible to find unspoilt pockets of this Greek island; and I can thoroughly recommend Kamiros, an archaeological area almost overrun by olive trees and wild flowers. An even better-kept secret – despite its geography and history having given it a central place in Europe – is Lake Constance: William Cook’s piece (see page 80) is a revelation, and made me want to explore the lake’s shoreline myself. The still water of lakes always has a pleasantly soporific effect; yet the pace of life is even slower on Mexico’s Pacific coastline (page 68), a laid-back area where a palapa, hammock and iced Margarita are all you need to make a holiday complete. For those who, in contrast, prefer to be in the thick of things on their travels, where could be better for a full-on experience than the home of rock ‘n’ roll, Graceland? And particularly in Elvis Week, which starts on 7 August. Visiting Elvis Presley’s former home (see page 98) is a quintessentially American experience; and while we’re on the subject of the USA I’d like to congratulate our photographers Nicholas Koenig and Ken Kochey, both of whom were recently winners in the prestigious Visit USA Media Awards for their beautiful photographs of, respectively, Los Angeles (October 2003) and the Outer Banks, North Carolina (December 2015).

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Jason Webster, above, lives in Valencia, which he says has a long-standing liberal tradition’. But that doesn’t mean foreigners are trusted, as he writes on page 64. His new book, Andalus (£12.99, Doubleday), stems from his obsession with Spain’s Moorish past’.

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Sebastian Hope, below, caught his first trout in Canada at the age of two. He has fished in Iran, Turkey and Kashmir, but a dry spell in County Tyrone (see page 125) proved his biggest challenge yet. His second book, Hotel Tiberias, has just been published by HarperCollins.

Before Matthew Hranek, below, shot our story on Mexico’s Pacific coast (see page 68), Puerto Vallarta was where the Love Boat used to port’. He now knows it as the gateway to six smart and diversely unique properties’. He would happily go back to every single one of them.

Christian Patterson, above, assists the great Memphis-based William Eggleston, and is emerging as a name in his own right. Photographing Graceland (page 98) was, he says a chance to peer behind the velvet curtain, stare a porcelain monkey in the eye, and learn more about the man’.

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Sandy Balfour, above, went to Graceland for the Elvis experience (page 98) after being told it tells you everything you need to know about America’. His memoir, Pretty Girl in Crimson Rose (8) (£7.99, Atlantic), is out now in paperback.

Iaving read your article on affordable places to stay in the I Med (Style on a budget’, June 2016), I would like to recommend a delightful B&B that we found in Provence, called La Terrasse (www.terrasse-provence. com; doubles ‚90).Tucked away on the banks of the River Argens in the tranquil village of Correns in the Var (one of France’s first bio’ villages), it is about an hour inland from St-Tropez and close to the Gorges de Verdon and Lac St Croix. The rooms are lovely, each with a terrace, and there is a garden and a pool; but what really made our stay special was the couple that run it: Henri and Valerie Erkel are friendly, hospitable and helpful in every way.

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