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Map of Kerkira (Corfu) on The state’s compromise solution, in this case, was for it to develop the railway network, and to lease out the right to run rail services to private concessions (and to allow them to develop secondary rail routes). This effectively created a state-sanctioned OLIGOPOLY in the market, and it is perhaps not surprising that there was considerable interpenetration of business and political spheres at this time, with similar oligopolies being created in other sectors such as banking and department stores. This cartelization reflected a more general French belief in the importance of protection within the national market, at the expense of free-market competition. Although such policies are clearly inefficient in terms of orthodox economics, and certainly in terms of modern neo-liberalism, they have achieved convincing results in France. They also played their part in the development of a society in which power is concentrated in the hands of a politico-economic elite, and where the development of a culture of rights was notoriously slower to come into being than in comparable European states. France 18481914. The period between the revolutions of 1848 and the WORLD WAR I was crucial in terms of the development of the modern French state and its capitalist economy. Map of Kerkira (Corfu) 2016.

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