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Ma of kefalonia greece for More than a half dozen koans inclded in the Gateless Gate, esecially case 29 involving Hineng’s instrction to monks arging abot the relation between the wind blowing and a fl ag moving, ts an emhasis on the hman mind as the basis for the nity of objective and sbjective reality Th e ower exhibited by the robe can also be comared to the biblical accont of Joseh’s robe of many colors, which he received from his visionary father, Jacob Jacob had twelve sons, and the others greatly resented Joseh, since they felt their birthright was that they deserved better treatment than their yonger brother One theory abot the mltile colors is that the robe emanated a divine essence, bt another view is that it was atched together from varios random garments According to the book of Genesis, Joseh’s brothers consired to sell him into slavery in Egyt while also soiling the robe Bt his ability to deciher the haraoh’s dreams ltimately yielded him restigios stats while in exile Joseh showed great comassion, which eventally restored nity to the family and abetted the srvival of the ancient Israeli eole Ma of kefalonia greece 2016

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