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han anywhere, and also some nineteenth century English painters such as Wilkie or Mulready. And leaving aside the staggering holding of the Raphael cartoons, it has other paintings of great importance. To guide through the collections of the V. & A., in this broad context, is out of the question, but I should perhaps list the categories so that those interested in one or more of them may know that the Victoria and Albert Museum is their place. Architectural details; Arms and Armour; the Art of the Book; Bronze; Carpets; Clocks; Costume; Embroidery; Enamels; Engravings; Fabrics; Furniture; Glass; Gold and Silvcrwork and Ironwork; Ivories; Jewellery; Musical Instruments; Pottery and Porcelain; Tapestry; Theatre art; Woodwork. The Library is also the National Art Library, open to the public as the libraries of other museums and galleries are not, and claimed to be the largest in the world on its subjects. All this sounds overwhelming, but owing to the civilised method of display, the museum can be as rewarding t

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Kavieng Hotel in Kavieng

Kavieng Niu Lodge in the New Guinea Islands Kavieng Niu Lodge …

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