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Then I turfed him out and went through a pretty black depression. I were on my own and I didn’t really care about anybody else and what they thought of me or anything and I started to, sort of, bed hop then. There were two or three and they were really lads so they were quite a lot younger than me. I don’t know, they fulfilled a need but they weren’t much good, if you know what I mean. It just left me feeling disgusted with myself and I packed it all in as a bad job and stayed at home for a while … became a recluse and I thought, Oh, from one extreme to the other.’

Attitudes to sex and moral standpoints are acquired from many sources. Many of our basic responses are learnt in childhood and later modified through our own direct experiences. Our understanding of male and female sexuality, our own sexual preferences, as well as our image of our own sexual attractiveness, even, perhaps, how good’ we are at sex, all develop gradually, modified by different kinds of experiences and relationships. Sexual confidence is not usually at its greatest at the end of marriage. Where longstanding sexual difficulties have gradually driven people further and further apart, they may dimly believe that there might

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