Map of Jogja Inland Port

April 2010 ~ Indonesia touring

Map of Jogja Inland Port Photo Gallery

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Thus, as he discovered, getting over it’ and starting again’ also mean testing your new identity in a variety of relationships. Leaving aside immediate family relationships, which we will be considering in the next chapter, the newly separated also have to renegotiate their contacts with friends and in-laws. When couples who split up want to avoid seeing each other again they often try to divide up their friends as they might their books, records or pictures. Much depends on whose friends they were in the first place and on who is cast as the guilty partner, as well as on the tensions and conflicts inherent in the relationship before the split occurred. If you have always disliked your sister-in-law, one of the smaller compensations of divorce is being absolved from ever having to be nice to her again. Similarly people who have made friends as a couple may discover that one of them had merely been tolerating a particular set of friends for the sake of their partner, so that they do not much mind losing contact. If one of the partners has been more active in making and sustaining their friendships the other will feel very isolated after the separation.

For a time at least, as we have seen, failure in marriage may cast its shadow over every aspect of our lives so that starting again’

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