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Jewell, Kansas (KS 66949) profile: population, maps, real estate …

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First Biennial Report, 1878, Jewell County, Kansas

Informal arrangements of this kind are obviously not possible when parents live some distance apart. Visits have to be planned some time ahead and often involve a good deal of travelling for one or both parents. Although it seems obvious that fathers who cannot see their children very often should try to arrange to have them to stay for longer periods, this can create difficulties for everyone. Some fathers may not feel capable of looking after their children on their own for more than a couple of nights. If they have new partners then ex-wives tend to discourage longer visits and the children themselves may be reluctant to leave the familiar routines of home, their pets and their friends for very long. Nevertheless, it is best if such visits are sufficiently long for everyone involved to stop trying hard to be on their best behaviour, so that there are opportunities to fall out and recover, to scold children if necessary

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