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d Sharruma. The king is dressed simply, wearing a round skullcap and carrying the curved pastoral staff. His monogram is carved in hieroglyphs beneath a winged sun disk above his head. The god is wearing a short tunic. His position is shown by the tall conical homed headdress that is decorated with divided ellipses. On the east wall of this chamber, Tudhaliyas is again depicted. Here he is represented armed, again in a skullcap, and holding a kalmufeh, which was the sign of sovereignty, in his left hand. Two hieroglyphs in the form of an Ionic capital stood for the Great King. King Tudhaliyas is standing on two mountain peaks, a deified king. He allowed himself to be pictured during his lifetime as a deity in reliefs, a exception to the general tradition of the deification of sovereigns after death. The two mountains upon which the king rests are representative of Ammuna and Arnuwanda. The central relief at Yazilikaya represents the weather god of Hattusa standing on a mountain; next to this is the weather go

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