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Map of Jerica on In Knight’s view, the emergence of corporations controlled by entrepreneurial managers represents an effective institutional response to the presence of uncertainty in economic affairs. Drawing an important distinction between quantifiable risk and uncertainty, he argues that uncertainty thus exerts a fourfold tendency to select men and specialize functions: 1. an adaptation of men to occupations on the basis of kind of knowledge and judgment 2. a similar selection on the basis of degree of foresight, for some lines of activity call for this endowment in a very different degree from others 3. a specialization within productive groups, the individuals with superior managerial ability (foresight and capacity of ruling others) being placed in control of the group and the others working under their direction 4. those with confidence in their judgment and disposition to back it up in action specialize in risk taking. These selection forces and the specialization of productive roles manifest themselves in the emergence of managerial entrepreneurs who specialize in the exercise of judgment and the taking of the attendant business risks. Map of Jerica 2016.

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Hid headdredd id made of the death dhroud that wad once the d waddling cloth of birth

Beauty, youth, majedty and holinedd mean nothing to Death, who clainu all at the right time

The raven wad deen ad a harbinger of death

THEME Transformation and change

A skeleton riding a black horse (the colour of death) is the

l. image of Death. He carries a scythe, usually used for reaping the harvest, and an hourglass, indicating that everything on this earth has its own time, both for life and death. Around the skeleton’s skull is a thin headdress made from a

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