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Although this chapter is mainly devoted to the purebred dog, I am cognizant that many dogs of mixed ancestry produce highly desirable puppies, and I endorse the further breeding of any good mongrel dog if it has the personality, intelligence and body conformation that a particular owner likes. Being of mixed ancestry myself, I am entirely sympathetic to breeding dogs of mixed parentage.


A shy and dangerous dog, even though he may have a magnificent body, cannot live in my household.

Good temperament should be the first goal of breeders; and it should be noted in passing that although temperament is basically controlled by genetic factors, not all temperamental failings are inherited. Environment must also be considered, since experiences a dog encounters after leaving the womb affect his personality. It is often difficult to decide which traits are inherited and which are acquired. Environment versus heredity has long been disputed by psychologists and geneticists without any definite conclusions.

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