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If it is at all possible separating parents do need to discuss together the implications of their decision on custody, and it may be helpful for them to consider all the alternatives rather than simply assuming that the children should be with their mother. If a father’s claim as a potential sole parent is genuinely considered at this time, then both parents will place a high priority on setting up arrangements which encourage maximum contact between the children and their non-custodial parent. It also makes it easier for them to reassess, and if necessary alter, their arrangements in the future if changes in their circumstances or the children’s needs suggest this. In addition, if they have shared in this decision it will be easier for them to convey to their children that, whatever their differences, they are prepared to stand by a decision which has been made in the children’s interests. This is particularly important when, as often happens, children begin to play one parent off against another.

In this country, joint custody orders are still very unusual. When they are made, one parent has care and control’ of their children and will be responsible for looking after them on a day-to-day basis but both parents take equal responsibility for the long-term welfare

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