Map of italy ports

Map of italy ports for A one-party system under the Polish United Workers’ Party (PZPR) governed the state from 1947 89. With 6 million casualties, over 15 percent of the country’s population had perished during WORLD WAR II. Two-fifths of the country’s production capacity had been destroyed along with a third of the nation’s wealth, and most of its major cities lay in ruins. The Sovietbacked government moved to nationalize production immediately and industrial operations with more than fifty employees came under direct state control in January 1946. The PZPR also started a collectivization program in agriculture; although such efforts in Poland lagged behind other eastern-bloc countries, about onequarter of the country’s land was collectivized by 1955. Poland 653 In emulation of the SOVIET UNION, Poland implemented its first Six-Year Plan for industrial production in 1950 under PZPR official Hilary Minc. Like the Soviet- style command economy, Poland’s blueprint for progress emphasized investment in heavy industries such as steel and iron works over the production of consumer items. Map of italy ports 2016.

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